Live The Unique Culinary Experiences With Our Great Range Of Spices!

Such is the importance of Spice in our lives today that apart from being an integral part in imparting gastronomic delight to our customers, it is commonly used as an adjective to convey the feeling of warmth, excitement, colors & change in colloquial communication.

At Sahibaa, it has been our business philosophy to produce spices that enhance the flavor of our everyday nutrition. We also consistently enhance the flavor of our business possesses to preserve our spicy soul.

Established in 1996, Sahibaa has been adding sheen to the crucial role of spices in the Indian culinary tradition and history. We stand committed to settle for nothing but the best, so be it procurement of raw materials or manufacturing standards we proudly play the role of an industry torchbearer.

Our ingredients are procured from the best sources near the crop plantations spread all across India, after handpicking the perfect, which they are further subjected to rigorous quality inspection in the in-house laboratory where every aspect is carefully scrutinized and analyzed.

Moreover, Sahibaa employs state of the art processing, grinding & packaging mechanism to preserve the flavor, aroma & taste of spices.

Some key features of our production processes are:

  • AGMARK Certified
  • Hands Free infestation resistant packaging using automatic FFS machines
  • NS-EN ISO 22000:2005/ISO 22000:2005

The quality of our Spices is so pure that merely a nano gram of it provides great aromatic experience to our patrons. At Sahibaa, we live by the motto of ‘SWAAD WALI KHUSHBOO’, which signifies our brand’s commitment to deliver exceptional value to trade partners & customer alike.  Sahibaa is known for the craft of adding flavors to everyday food, and this art also gets reflected through the wide range of spice SHUs & SKUs that we offer to our patrons. Our spices come in different packaging sizes that cater to individual, institutional & bulk consumption requirements whilst delivering the same great cooking experience.

It is our vision to become the most admired spice brand globally, whose practices and processes are adapted to ensure customer delight whilst maintaining commitment towards environment, employees and stakeholders.

Sahibaa is the best Manufacturer of Spices and Masalas in India, We invite you to be part of Sahibaa family and let us grow together in crafting a great culinary legacy for generations to come. Happy mealing!

Sahibaa is passionately driven to consistently serve its patrons with ingredients that cook up true gastronomic delights. To meet connoisseur’s expectations we make sure that all the raw material that we use are procured from the source of origin and then treated in conformance with globally accepted standards to deliver a taste that refuses to leave the taste buds. It is our persistent endeavor to deliver unforgettable aroma and a divine taste with every Nano gram of Sahibaa Spices and hence our claim to fame:


At Sahibaa, we promise to live by our brand promise so that our patrons can keep mesmerizing their cliche with culinary delights.


Sahibaa wants to be the most admired & largest selling spice brand in India by 2020, offering world class quality products to its customers whilst maintaining exceptional level of customer satisfaction, safety & commitment to stakeholder’s objectives.


To consistently deliver high quality products and services to our customers, channel partners and constantly innovate to be able to cater to the varied needs of consumers all over the world.


Our Philosophy is driven by our Brand Values: Responsive, Trust, Zeal, Respect, Integrity, Agile.



  • Consistently augment customer needs.
  • Consistently deliver best-in-class Quality Products.
  • Provide incremental value to our customers by innovating our business processes.


  • Educate consumers in enhancing their lifestyle (improving their culinary expertise).
  • Become a torch-bearer of spice industry by inculcating best practices for the industry (in production, testing, packaging etc.).
  • Become a responsible brand (for environment, skill development etc.).


Mr. Atul Sharma, Managing Director of K.V Spices, Sahibaa

Dear Stakeholder,

Sahibaa Spices & its journey over last three decades embody this spirit in all areas of business activities. We firmly believe that in order to deliver high quality products, services and exceptional value at all levels of interactions to all stakeholders, it is a paramount importance to stay abreast of the business dynamics and continually bring improvements in all facets of the business, be it production, supply chain management, consumer communications or packaging.

Guided by our business philosophy attentively listen, consistently adapt & always deliver. We are pleased to introduce to you our new brand identity & tagline.

The new logo signifies the trust, warmth, transparency & ethical values that sahibaa stands committed to its consumers, employees, business partners & stakeholders. The new brand identity is more symmetrical than before, and signifies that passion and commitment to all round growth of the business.

Our new tagline ‘Swaad Wali Khushboo’ further personifies our resolve to deliver exceptional value to our consumers.

The new look & feel has already been researched & tested in the simulated retail environment and the feedback has been very encouraging.

We invite you to embrace the new impactful identity and partner with us in conquering the new business frontiers.

  • We at K.V. Spices (India) Pvt. Ltd. procure the best quality of spices directly from leading supplier across the country placed in different location near to crops origin. All the procurement goes through multilevel testing process thereby helping us to purchase nothing else but the perfect spices raw material.
  • Highly experienced professionals purchased the best quality spices from all over India after highly sophisticated testing machines. Just the right raw material is chosen, in terms of moisture, infestation, colour & aroma.
  • Thereafter these spices are cleaned using several machines & finally handpicked for any possible impurity. All the processing is done in clean, dust & moisture free environment. We also have a unique technology for controlling the moisture in the spices.
  • To make the spices pure like 24 Ct. gold, we process it in our cleaning process to remove the impurities like iron particles, stones & other unhealthy and unhygienic materials. Then grinding is carried out in controlled temperatures using neat and clean grinders.
  • Though untouchability is the highest sin in the society but for spices we proudly maintain it here in our mill apart from the processing of the raw material in dust proof atmosphere.
  • To facilitate the handling and storing in houses special bags of food grade material is used for packing of Sahibaa spices.
  • Finally these spices are packed using automatic FFS Machines into attractive consumer packs. The packaging material is also specially chosen to be food grade & resistant to infestation.

List of machines used:

  • Grinder (Pulverizer)
  • Sifter
  • Magnets
  • Augar Filler Packing Machine
  • FFS Packing Machine
  • Sealing Machine
  • Line Carton Packing Machine
  • Dc Stoner
  • Grader

Special Features:

  • Certified with AGMARK
  • NS-EN ISO 22000 : 2005/ISO 22000 : 2005
  • Hygienically Packed
  • Hygienic conditions maintained all throughout the process.
  • Unmatched taste and consistency in quality throughout the year.
  • After sale service and guarantee of full replacement if quality problem arises within expiry period.

Some of the big names in the Corporate World associated with K.V. Spices (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  • Future Consumer Limited (Big Bazaar)
  • Reliance Fresh Limited
  • Victoria Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Rajdhani Group)
  • Super Market grocery Supplies Pvt. Ltd. (Big Basket)
  • United Coffee House
  • Gulati Chain of Restaurant (Pandara Road)
  • CRPF Welfare Canteen (Sukriti)
  • Supreme Court Canteen
  • Zoo Canteen
  • Have More Restaurant
  • Amazon