Management Team

“Change is the spice of life & a life without Spice Life cannot change”

Mr. Atul Sharma, Managing Director of K.V Spices, Sahibaa

Sahibaaa Spices and its journey over last three decades embody this spirit in all areas of business activities. Under the astute leadership of Mr. Atul Sharma, the young dynamic Managing Director of K.V Spices, Sahibaa continues to win over hearts of food connoisseurs across the world with its ever evolving and genuine blend of spices, that not only ensure a gastronomic delight but also promise the greatest aroma ever experienced in the history of cooking by mankind.

In words of Mr. Atul Sharma, “Ours is a company whose business purpose is well enshrined by our chief mentor Mr. Kewal Kishan Sharma who has always strived to bring to the fore Indian culinary heritage and its healthy aspects through use of native spices and herbs.  He is the guiding force to bring prominence to varied Indian cooking & thus inspired us to launch more than 150 different varieties of Indian spices, so as to suit kitchens of every nook and corner of India”.

It is this selfless vision to promote Indian cuisine across the globe that has made Mr. Atul Sharma to attain the coveted position of “Bhartiya Udyog Ratan Awardee”.

Further, in his own words, Mr. Atul Sharma says “ At Sahibaa, we firmly believe that in order to deliver high quality products, services and exceptional value at all levels of interactions to all stakeholders, it is of paramount importance to stay abreast of the business dynamics and continually bring improvements in all facets of business; be it production, supply chain management, consumer communications or packaging. At Sahibaaa we live by the motto of ‘Thode Mein, Zyada Swad Ka Vaada’, which signified the brand’s commitment to deliver exceptional value to customer and trade partners alike”